Black Women – The Most Loyal

Black women have proven throughout the ages that they are the most loyal, especially to the Black man who has faced together being kidnapped, the slave trade, and oppression. As hard as society has made it for Black men, the Black woman has shown her unyielding support and even today gives


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These days if a man insists on his woman staying home all day while he’s at work it’s a greater chance in today’s American society he is asking for problems. Better to not give her problems about that while she remembers why she should stay married to you rather than to make her stay home to get overly acquainted with the single neighbor bodybuilder Jose, or Leroy.

And if he makes her work she will meet a cute co-worker that she ends up cheating with!…so just hush!

It could go either way so like Joe Tex said to us a couple of decades ago take care of your homework fellas if you don’t somebody will
Or the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose said
You Better Treat Her Like A Lady.

But cheating is not exactly the same as leaving with just cheating you have a chance to save it’s time for reflection but when she’s gone something was already wrong from the get-go I don’t care what long term couple you know at least eighties percent has cheated or thought strongly about it.

Don’t live with the mindset that so-called black men in your generation are this and that. Just pray and hope you settle with the one that’s absolutely different than the rest in your generation because you are not looking to settle with every one of them. There are good and bad apples on every apple tree.

There are plenty of young people that age in college pursuing business don’t believe the stereotype now what are you doing for yourself these are the formative years go to any major college campus and who do you see walking around with books? People in your age bracket please don’t waste your youth pursue education and growth relationships will happen this is from a 56-year-old elder written in love for my people.

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You can all the intelligence in the world, but if not have respect for the culture and its struggle, you’ll struggle with a man or woman… Its many smart people who lack a common ethical sense of how a team is built and what it takes for us to win together. I’m a man who loves a woman who is loved by all people, not who they just desire love from..women who respect culture and men as well who see the self-destruction of us, will work harder at loving each other.

But if you all about your materials and education then you’ll always be fooled and left behind. Black people aren’t building anything but influence by everything that is BS, our music, TV, the lies that our people tell each other, and the hypocrites who represent us in power… Were no good if we keep ignoring our cultural needs. You want a man, seek one who values his people and culture.

Beautiful Black Women

Black Women – No Replacements

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You talk about book smarts versus some damn common sense. This supposed intelligent highly educated black decides that he can’t find an eligible fine woman of color in this nation. Or even go to the many nations of the world with fine ebony-skinned women.

Goes to Russia to find a Caucasian woman to be the so-called love of his life. I mean we are so brainwashed that we need to go find white women in other countries to marry? I gotta assume this fool is a loyal supporter of Trump. Really he got scammed. I am not a bit concerned that he lost 50K. He should’ve lost more. She could’ve taken his life. DAMN FOOL!

Beautiful Black Women

Black women can cook and clean very well.

Black women are the most beautiful women on the planet. They also have the best style.

African Women Are The Beginning and The End, Gorgeous, Intelligent, Creators, And Love!!, I personally see anything on the planet, that can compare to her!!

Black women are the original women of the earth and they need to be protected at all cost.

Black women are beautiful women on this planet! And yes I believe my statement.

I love their strength. And by strength, I don’t mean loud and ratchet behavior I mean a sister that has been through all kinds of Trials tribulations hell and high water, and has not allowed that to affect her character and still presses on to do what she needs to do to make it in this world.

Black women are the most beautiful thing on the planet earth.

Beautiful Black Women African Queens: Nubian Queens - True African Works Of Art

Black women are very smart, when I was in college I had a sista do all my homework for me. Black women are the best women on the planet.

My best friend is a Black woman.

The Black woman is the mother of civilization and should be respected, appreciated, and admired.


I saw 4 black women in their workout outfits in the fresh produce section at the grocery store. One was asking a clerk about the freshness of some cherries.

I think black women are the heart of this world…I love you all

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My mom sis is a definition of what a real woman is. They embody the whole concept of what ‘something nice’ is.

Black women are beautiful inward and outward. They are the most caring, forgiving, smart, and loving women in the whole world. Black women are very strong and supportive. I need a black woman!!!!!!

Black women are the epitome of beauty, femininity, personality, strength, and character. Men who spend enough time around them will trust them and adore them. Women who spend enough time with them will idolize them and emulate them, I see this all of the time. Black women are a TREASURE.

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Beautiful Black Women