Understanding The Successful Beautiful Black Woman

Black women are fierce fighters and protectors of their families when they need to be, but like all goddesses, Black women need to be understood.


Why do older and successful black men and women refer to the inner city young black males as “Pookie and Ray-Ray” ?? That’s a broad generalization and a stereotype that we label our young black men from lower-income societies. We cry and moan when white people generalize and stereotype us but then we turn around to do the same thing to our very own. How about we start uplifting the young black males in the inner city that are economically deprived and stop calling them derogatory names trying to be the uppity negro.

so black people are not smart enough to label young inner-city black males that may be unemployed properly ?? So it’s better to degrade them and make fun of their living conditions ??  why do you all care about dusty Negros? Everyone, your color isn’t your kind. The quicker we separate ourselves from dusty Negros and hood rats, the better. Everyone there isn’t Pookie or Ray Ray. Just the dusty Negros that make the ghetto the shit holes that they are.

The ones who use those terms are usually jealous of so-called "Pookie" and ray for getting to sleep with and make babies with the same women who turned them down or”friend-zoned them…lol…(just an observation).

Makeup two new names. It doesn’t matter. Those two stereotypical people are walking around rn. Breaking in people’s shit and standing at the corner store begging working women with children for a change.

Go out and talk to these ignorant individuals instead of trying to protect their names. Try changing their behaviors which quite honestly matter more than what they’re called.


It’s the superiority complex. Is it embedded or acquired?  We pass on what was taught to us. From religion to spankings. It is a culture. Unfortunately, those who break free do not gather to write a composite of books to reprogram the masses. They are quite bitter woman-hating dudes who use that term in an attempt to blame women for baby daddy being a deadbeat…and label themselves good men.

Beautiful black woman

Not hate it’s the ones that always say they know their worth when in reality they don’t. They only say the things when they either wrong on something and can’t own up to it or they have low self-esteem. A warning doesn’t have to say you’ve been warned to recognize a red flag.

So you really gonna label every black man, that’s what we doing now if you focus your energy on that mindset that’s all you will see and keep hearing, try to change your outlook on life.

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what do white men do to there woman, and what in the world do you think white men say about our woman, lol you really think a white mans got your back more than a brother when I hear a Black woman that could be queens talk like this just shows a reflection of the people you keep around you, and for a white man to say that to you so easily and freely says a lot.

How about; You try and prove her wrong first!? I “hate” flies, roaches, and punks. I do know by way of common sense; there exists a real feeling of hatred towards our women. Be it socially engineered or not, there is a whole heap of black males who hate their own and verbally say so.

This is the problem, you talk without thinking, that saying think before you talk don’t work on social media people just be talking for talking sake because people ain’t got nothing better to focus there energy and time on, you lot can keep being sheep and play into this dumb things.


Life is just a dream, enjoy it and spend time with the 1s you love and forget the negative energy that we all put on our self, stop thinking like fools and start thinking like kings queens.
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Beautiful Black Women by Beautiful Dark Women

Black Women Possess High Intelligence

Black men in my generation don’t like highly intelligent women, who want to do something with their life. I like intelligent women, but some men prefer an easy-going welfare recipient type with no high school diploma, why? Because usually if he doesn’t want much out of life, the woman he chooses is a reflection of him. Maybe they think they need to match me or I won’t even give them a chance.


Tap Tap Tap……(on the shoulder).


The men of your peer group don’t like you because you are overweight, moderately attractive, and hides behind education/Black men blaming to obfuscate yours. Faults.

Yeah, I’m overweight in the right places people pay to have a body like mines, everyone has a type I might be moderately attractive to you but every time I go in public I get harassed, I don’t hide behind anything I’m just stating my opinion. I like intelligent women but I love wise women because they look at life in all dimensions and elevations. Then men in your area do not know what they want, I have never met a woman that can satisfy my mental and spiritual needs they all are physically qualifying but no common sense at all.

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We like intelligent but not masculinized and aggressive black women. You have to stop labeling yourself and live…

Look for slightly older men that want those things in a woman. Those things don’t intimidate men around my age and older but I’m also sure not every guy in your generation is like that. There are always exceptions, there might be a guy saying the same thing somewhere.

Young people tend to not really know themselves yet, and therefore aren’t ready for commitments in general. Give them a few more years and you’ll see a shift. Once a person is ready to make commitments, they’ll be more than happy to make those commitments with a person or persons who are intelligent and also mature and ready to make commitments.

I meet a lot of women bums that expect a man to clean their life up or want u to deal with all their problems I’m trying to figure out where are the women with their life together but a lot of times even when they have their life together it seems it still issues not worth dealing with I see why a lot of my friends don’t date American women.

Smart focused athletic goal-oriented common sense a woman with purpose is what any real man would want.

Beautiful black woman

Your experience is your experience can’t anybody take that away from you but of all the black men you can date in your life still wouldn’t be the majority so you gotta be careful when labeling something like the majority, maybe you haven’t been in certain areas where men are interested in building and starting families. Also, you must show and prove you are about that yourself and these thoughts in action become reality.

I’m not talking about me specifically. I just observe a lot of highly intelligent black women that never find a black man to date. When I ask why most of them say they didn’t give them a chance.


I observed the opposite. I see that SOME intelligent women having a layer of prejudice and arrogance towards black men and that’s due to the environment they were educated in. In another sense, two dominants can’t necessarily co-exist together. We live in a society where artificial intelligence and social environments are cultivated outside of natural selection so the book smart or company intelligence acts as though it’s synonymous with nature dominate intelligence.

It’s a paradigm thing which sometimes the black man has not recognized and has an expression of a past time as a result and today’s woman can view as dysfunctional. Sometimes with all her education something essential is missing and yet she has an arrogant expression and feels the need to be at odds or in conflict with the black man while fake smiling with her white counterparts settling for second classicism but bangs on the black man for this reality which I wouldn’t say she’s completely wrong for, to be honest.


I understand and witnessed that but using me as an example, I grew up in the hood and learned how to become a chameleon based on what environment I’m in. A lot of men rejected me after having a small conversation with me even if they started talking to me first.

A lot of us grew up in the hood and if your point is based on that then there’s something factual to it but like I said you gotta involved yourself in other circles as well and you will also find some of the brightest minds come from the hood. Be INTELLIGENT enough to know when you’re beating a dead horse when trying to have an intelligent conversation with some people’s sister.

I guess a difference of opinion or the fact black women bash black men has no issue with you and black women haters huh……. If y’all was worth more and didn’t have a plethora of kids and made horrible life choices for everyone to see, maybe y’all wouldn’t feel that way……
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The difference is Ladies, Women then y’all……. Most of the ladies in my family have worth married their kid’s father……. I don’t know what y’all are…..

Who are the “y’all” that you speak of? You said, “most” of the women in your family are married to their children’s father… what happened to the rest? I suppose they fall under your logic… Did your dad marry your mom? If not, your Mom falls under that same logic.

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Yep, she’s slow…… My parents are still married….. And it’s the new age chicks like you with the plethora of kids……. Y’all don’t know how to be ladies, Nurturing or Caring and worth a good man….. Y’all are self-entitled and valueless to us good men……

My grandmother always said you can’t make sense out of nonsense, so if it doesn’t apply let it fly. That works on both ends- The topic as well as some of the comments…..We need so much love in the black community because their hate is the root cause till it breaks my heart reading these comments back and forth 

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That is an accurate assessment. EVERY time some derogatory, misogynistic crap about black women comes across my feed, it’s from this group. I don’t even have to look and see where it’s coming from anymore. I already know!

You ain’t lying…a lot of suspect woman-haters…but 99 percent of those men are dusty Negroes from the sticks or some backwater irrelevant place..or they ex-race soldiers for the Amerikkkan military….coons for hire.

Not hate don’t get it twisted, it’s sheer frustration!! Black women need to change to make men adore them, they ain’t making it easy and in this current climate one bad apple is spoiling a bunch and gets worse when you see and media is fueling it.


I understand that, understand we’re frustrated as well. Black men and women have to do BETTER towards one another! All the energy we spend on tearing each other down should be redirected to healing each other… the disdain runs deep!

Black women are not the cause of the Black man’s frustration – He is frustrated because he does not know how to remove the white man’s yoke from around his neck.

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Black men women are divided like crazy. Both need to listen to understand each other both need to work pay attention to the economy which is collapsing instead of arguing about dumb shit. Before we really are jacked up.

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Beautiful black woman

I was using myself in the essence of being prejudice or arrogant. I’m in a book club with young women and my statement is always the source of discussion. The women in the group come from all walks of life but I tend to hear the same thing. The man didn’t give them a chance.

Beautiful Back Women No Longer Settling

Some of those “highly intelligent” women standards are too high or they come off as unapproachable. And who doesn’t want that kind of woman? Am in school learning optometry and I wanna marry a highly educated person who still knows she is a woman.

One thing I have realized is that education makes guys better but makes women worse.


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Why am I saying this? An educated man knows how to help his woman with chores in the house n respects her but an educated woman will think she is too big for de kitchen will wanna control her man around.

I bet u that after u get your Ph.D. u will not cook for your husband n that’s why we choose to ignore women who are over-ambitious because they add little to their home because of pride.

I wasn’t talking about me specifically because I have someone, but I’m in a female book club and this is always the source of our discussions.

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What many “intelligent” people want to do with their lives is shine on other Black folk, and be comfortable and privileged within White Supremacy.

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Precious beautiful Black woman Alma Davis

Gorgeous Black dark melanated queen

The sister is speaking from her vantage point and probably has a point. Instead of being up all in your feeling and disrespecting her try listening or having a civil conversation. It’s not a secret that the younger generation is more disrespectful.
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