Imagine Life Without Beautiful Women

Beautiful Women. I Can’t Imagine the World without women. Women are sexybeautiful creatures of God and make the world a much better place tolive in. I wonder why all women are such treasures.

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Why are people the way they are? Women of the way they are because they
become a product of their own environment. So we have to be very careful
what we say a woman is not to group them as a whole because no one can be
grouped really in a hole as we are all individuals, and we are all
unique beings however that being said, it would just be already
precluded that when we say all women.


mean a majority of why are women, the way they are only would first
have to look at how women are in a society like today in the Times that
we now live in, especially with technology being at our disposal right
at our fingertips in quickly, so I mean we’ve gotten here in the blink
of an eye. It was seen that men and women have lost a certain amount of
touch within each other’s perspectives. Because nothing is valued anymore
time has moved to a point wherein you can’t even grasp the concept of
it anymore.
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Hell, I can get into a plain, and I could be over
across the country in an hour to so I take it for granted. I can be
Dayton, I could be dating Sally from you and it only takes me about
eight hours to get to Sally from you so therefore it’s not a big deal
to me anymore. It’s not a big deal to her. It’s allowed me more access
now some people will say, well, maybe that’s got you can reach out to
more if utilized correctly, technology, of course, can be better for us.
But if utilized in a disproportionate fashion and just a very
relentlessly destructive fashion. Then I’ll say the same for
technology. Everything has to have a balance. So now I get back to women
were all part of this whole social structure that kind of spirals out
of control and a certain medium
Which will also need to understand
that’s what we have such a high divorce rate is because people
don’t look at themselves and don’t look at each other in the same way
that they did preclude the days of the millennium. We didn’t have
technology when all we had was love when all we had was sincerity at
least more of it.


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have a population of 7,000,000,000+ people in the world, so I guess it
would seem to us that maybe if we don’t find it, then it’s not a big
deal because will find 20 3040 5000 more just like it, and in that
mindset is easy to have that can a mindset because that’s what
We don’t we not individuals anymore. We are replicas of
each other. We become justice indispensable as a G.I. Joe character that
would buy from Toys “R” Us. That is what has happened to us in a hole,
so the whole value of boy plus girl in a world filled with hopes and
dreams and then replaced by all of them I’ll call it sexual, not mix in
out there basically allowed to do feign an and in just a broadcast sex
is such a very lewd and very un-classy manner in front of children will
these children soon become adults.

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then when you have these values instilled into them, which are really
values you sort of go through an un-nurturing process, you should’ve come
to an anesthetized lazy take them to an anesthetized process with a
dumbed down and now everything is allowed to be okay. Then you start to
throw in a bunch of other rules that say silly things like you can’t
chastise your child or you go to get in just a lot of variables that
just doesn’t make sense anymore. That’s why we have such a high divorce
rate because people aren’t able to communicate anymore. We forgot
what it is with all these communication tools that we have art at
artists at the disposal.

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have forgotten how to communicate. We have a cell phone that can reach
from here till I don’t know what satellites are out there. You know I
can call from America to Europe and in total person who’s in the woods
somewhere and and and and I could be over here in law or even being
Canada, but yet I have problems communicating with the very person that I
live with.
There’s a problem with that is a big problem with that
but oh no, let’s take your Facebook senior twitters was taking Google’s
was take your Yahoo’s you can go there and you can communicate
perfectly with anybody. Well, in the sense was kind of being digressed
that the cut of being pigeonholed in a sense, wherein that’s the biggest
part of our personality locked inside a cyber screen in the cyber world
in a whole cyber load of endeavor, wherein things that are false, have
become real to us, and things that are real don’t matter anymore to us,

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it’s not a thing of why are women so different. What is happened to
women are that they knew and what is happened to us happened to us is
not just men and women, but it’s people the way can go ahead and
resolved the foundation to that itself, then maybe we will begin to
understand why it is we are the way we are and be able to pull ourselves
from that mode of thinking in that way of living, we first have to
extract herself from the whole thought process. Once we can do that once
we can break free of the invisible chains that bind us then and only
then will we start to then and only then will we start to realize what
the part we play in all of this is to be able to change it.
How do we
sex relationships. Each relationship just as the fingerprints on your
hand and your fingers is a very unique one, you cannot take one
relationship, compared to another and then say I’m going to fix both of
them the same way because you would be dealing with four different
personalities and four unique persons, though you might be in a similar
the situation at the end of the day we’re all unique individuals in them
being unique individuals.

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We had very specific priorities and very specific needs. Having specific
and precise needs also means that even in that one relationship, you
might have to take it to people in the relationship and do with them
entirely different from the way that you deal with them while they’re
with each other apart, and with so it’s very simple. The way that you
fix a relationship is you have to hone in on what it is that me that
relationship work in the first place. Why was their relationship on the
roof in the first place? What made the relationship valid to the two
people of the two parties. At least I would hope that there only two
people in the relationship in the first place. What happened in between
and in betwixt was the common denominator and most importantly how valid
was the love aspect of it. Aside from everything else.
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Not to say that love alone will call a relationship not to crumble because
in relationships. You have to have a foundation and a lot of people
would like to feel that that foundation is love and I’m here to tell you
it’s not it is not the foundation of love would have to trust that
have to trust you have to have something for trust to stand on. You may
say will wait to order. We trust is the foundation celeb can stand on
what else do you need if you have a foundation can’t have trust. If you
don’t have communication. So I ask you, where would you place
communication with you place it on top or at the bottom of trust will
trust itself has to have a foundation, why not a big communication?

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Communication could be the only foundation that trust itself would
stand up because I have to trust that I could communicate with you in
the first place to be able to grow to love you and vice versa. How do
you fix a relationship you have to sex the elements that created the
relationship in the first place. Or let me rephrase that, the elements
that should have created such a structure. You have to. If this
communication has been severed fix it. If the trust has been severed,
you fix it without those elements. It doesn’t even much matter that you
love the person, or how much you do love the person. Because what
happens is you still have something that has a broken structure. Even
though you feel that it’s fixed by just the word love, or just the IMO
oceans of love itself. Love is never enough love is never enough
was it just a bunch of chemical shortish board? Of course its
chemicals, but it doesn’t make it any less real than Froot Loops. What
happens is love itself is a very real and valid emotion and a lot of
people say, well, that can be cured because you can follow love with
someone and then you and the fall in love with someone else maybe six
weeks later, okay, though possible, not probable usually doesn’t happen
that way. Now I would have to attest to how much did you really love the
person you might have thought you were in love with, you might’ve thought
that you love so deeply the thing of it is always this even the person
that you are professing to love you can even fall in love with them to a
greater capacity with each given moment. It is the way that your mind
processes love.

It is your ability to accept what it is that love is in its full
the manifestation of itself. Love is not a person. Love is the feeling that
you exude for a person, even a thing usually something tangible, but
usually, we use the word love what we are describing our emotions and
feelings about people, especially the ones that we are in a partnership
with such as a female with her husband in the mail with his wife fiancé,
boyfriend, girlfriend, and so forth. That’s the major type of love that
I believe we’re talking about here. Love you want to talk about the
chemical aspects of it with us nothing more than the euphoric feeling.

The bliss and sensations that you fill from your own ability to reach into
your own connectivity with your spirituality your own ability to manage
stress what your temporal lobes allow you to feel within the moment of
that kind of indulgent expression love itself is unconquerable doesn’t
the matter about time doesn’t matter about death. It does not matter about
like love peers out into the universe and crushes the most powerful of
solar flares, the understand my drift. Love the sole wall of force and
the power that cannot be measured on any scale whatsoever.

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we, therefore, have to have that common respect as he can’t really
be truly defined, and I think the only way that I’ve ever been able to
the final of was this one most captivating saying that states this love
is a very role is very powerful and in this way, when you love somebody,
loving is giving them the power over you and giving that power lending
their power over to them. It’s saying that you and now had the power to
destroy me, but you’re trusting that that person will never ever abuse
that power that they have over you. That kind of trust that kind of
the belief system is what has crushed hearts in relationships in which
people had put this significant other on such pedestals that they felt
like such negative power would never bring it so forth into that
the relationship is of the relationship itself was devoid of such negativity
impossible to occur.

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I tell you this, chemically that can affect you, but it does not mean
that love itself just stands on the ground of being scientifically
explicable under the notion that it’s just a chemical imbalance that we
go through at the moment, or that it’s just some kind of magic thing
that comes over us and allows us to feel a certain way. Love is much
deeper than that. It allows us to feel this way because it does affect
us, chemically because of the mind and body that we’re in. But once
we’re gone that love doesn’t dissipate and go anywhere. The love still
lives on.
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So how do we explain that we can’t man always tries to define things
that he can’t understand scientifically as to preclude or
suggest that maybe there is no other entity like the God force that
created it in the first place? Only trouble things out with scientific
explanation scientific theory. What was the greatest scientist of all,
it would be the same God force?
They try to oppose. Call guy
called guy so I leave you with this love can truly be explained. It is
to roll into powerful it in a motion to be explained. The best
theologians. The best poets the best songstress has all tried. There
is no precise way to define love only but to say this, it’s a very
role in very real power in being such a real and raw power. It is a

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