Black Women Celebrities - Assets and All

Black women celebrities have a lot of assets and we love the assets that Black women celebrities have and that's why we like to watch them, admire them, and even emulate them.


Kelly Rowland booty

Kelly Rowland always had a good donkey booty on her… and she is so beautiful

If there is one thing about Serena Williams, no one can deny that she has always had a donkey. Just goes to show, that even bed wenches can have fat booties.

Image result for Hadassah Richardson

Hadassah Richardson wearing a swim suit at the beach. Would you just look at that amazing ass!

Image result for Meagan Good ass

Megan Good is fine as you know what and she has always had such a perfect booty. It fits her to a tea!

Image result for toni braxton booty

Toni Braxton has a stripper booty.

Image result for rihanna booty

Rihanna has a nice booty. Props to her for not getting any butt implants. That seems to be the thing these days but her natural bum is actually nice, on her.

Image result for Beyoncé Knowles ass

Beyoncé Knowles has always been bootylicious. Would you just look at that nice round plump booty?

Image result for Gabrielle Union ass

Gabrielle Union is one of those seemingly ageless celebs who looks as gorgeous and fit now at 40 as she looked at 27. Her booty is nice and round.

Image result for Lupita Nyong'o ass

Lupita Nyong’o ass is fine. It fits her body so nicely. And she is so bootyful.

Related image

Janelle Monae is beautiful, sexy and curvy. She has such a cute and firm booty. You have to love it!

Image result for Jasmine Tookes booty

Jasmine Tookes has a wonderful booty and she is so beautiful too!

Image result for Zuri Tibby ass

Zuri Tibby ass is booty perfection on her slim and petite but curvy figure.

Image result for Nia Long ass

Nia Long ass

Image result for Angela Bassett ass

Angela Basset is a beautiful Black curvy woman who also happens to have a quite a donkey, and let’s not forget that she is in excellent shape.

Image result for Tyra Banks ass

Tyra Banks got curves and she got a fatty!

Image result for Amara La Negra ass

Amara La Negra is killing’em in the ass department and looks period. She is a beautiful Black woman who happens to also be Latin.

Image result for Kenya Moore ass

Love her or hate her, Kenya Moore has quite a donkey on her.