Pictures of the Most Beautiful Black Women (The Next Page)

Beautiful Black women are in abundance everywhere. A Black woman truly becomes the most beautiful version of herself when she accepts the totality of herself and doesn't feel the need to compete with or mimic others.


Yes, she’s definitely beautiful. You don’t have to dress like either of these but if you look like the original picture, what supposedly conscious or unconscious man will look past the boobs and butt to see into the mind.

Something has to differentiate me from the masses. Then they will get on here and complain that black women ain’t shit but look at the ones they’re lusting after what did you really expect.

Black women are beautiful. I hate hearing that a sister resembles a man or accused of being a man if it’s not true. White media has spent considerable energy and resources trying to make our women appear masculine and feminize our men. Also, if I look at her neck, I can see she is not a man. I don’t believe it.

You have to forgive me but I see a sexy woman in a bodysuit. Everything is covered up. If she was a flat white woman wearing this suit, no one would say she looks like a stripper. This woman just happens to have curves.

It’s a fact brothers love curves and thighs. This one brother told me since he got money all he does is date strippers. This is the mentality you ladies have to choose from. Either be fast or be single or date white out.

To most women who don’t look this good, it has to be a man.

There is no other explanation as to why there is a woman who has such an Exquisite physique.

I feel bad that you are taking everything I wrote here personally. If it doesn’t apply. Then just let it fly.

There are women and men who are automatons here saying it’s not a woman. I feel like I addressed my outlooks here with the utmost clarity.

I don’t take anything personally. I just made an Observation. I didn’t even make a comment on this thread, just wanted to let you know that the jealous and bitter Black woman’s tale is too old and shameful for a “conscious” brother to use.

Those words came from your mind and not mine. That’s called projection even if I felt like some women were like that why would it bother you if you are not that way?

This is that bullshit that women do that I will be pointing out.

When you feel like generalizing about men you do it. And then say ” why y’all getting upset I didn’t mean all men.

But when the shoe is on the other foot you cry foul.

Shame on you sister, shame, shame, shame…

The beauty of Black women is that they have bodies women from other races dream about. I have grown up with Black women that have this kind of body. It’s fake when a white woman has this kind of body. Normal for a sister!

I really really don’t understand women who complain about pictures like this.

She is a very beautiful Queen.

Help me out for a minute here?

Why are you on this post complaining that you don’t like it or throwing out objections like ” this is a man.

When if you didn’t comment on this you wouldn’t have to look at it?

Same to the men. All you have to do is get off the pot and turn off your notification and then go back to pray of chill with your boyfriend and you don’t have to worry about this woman’s body. Case closed…

Have you noticed it’s usually out of shape or bigger women hating on pics like this…

She gotta a dent in her booty as she got hit by a car. Ain’t no women even hating on her it’s men that can tell the real from the fake/ you men are blinded yawl prob would make a hood rat a housewife. I don’t even care and I’m not hating either not at all but someone please tell me why her body looks like a horse. No, I’m serious I truly don’t have any problems with giving a sister her props but her body looks strange to me.

That’s not NATURAL at all… I mean, I can arch my back, but this is WAY off.

A lot of the women-hating couldn’t wear her heels without making them sandals with their big hating asses.

You are so right these are problems we didn’t have in the 90s. Now scientists are really trying to get men pregnant.

I don’t even think she is all that. Her butt appears big because of how she is bending and I bet she is wearing a waist trimmer. But I still think too many times black women are referred to as mannish or manly. I think that’s wrong.

I think Serena and her sister are men too str8 up the media is the devil they promote who they want and European culture is homosexuality. Our private parts are their biggest enemy.

Serena is a woman dude. Our women do not like look men! Society was so jealous of black women that they give them the “mannish” title. And too many brothers fell for their evil tricks. Go to Africa and it’s no big deal seeing women with what we call exotic curves and built more strongly than white women. It’s a genetic thing.. not a masculine trait-like they want you to believe.

Beautiful woman Stiltz

Serena Williams is s smart French-speaking black sista she’s definitely not a man. White women and racist white men gave her that title… while wishing they were built like that woman!

Beautiful black woman Carissa Jones dark lovely divine black beauty

The media gives us the women to like Nikki Minaj fake ass fake titties it’s just like the white Jesus concept it’s psychological now all niggaz want fake ass, fake titty women, it’s apparent in this post the niggaz that lust over this Unnatural woman and the natural women get no love. That’s a great strategy by the white supremacist devils.

All of our women are not built like this. But many of them are. White people used to tease our women for having these attributes. Now they just found another way to humiliate black women. Nothing new under the sun.

This Queen is BAD… SHAPED LIKE NO OTHER… Her body is ALL NATURAL… She is a MELANATED BEAUTY, that has the features of her ANCESTORS… AFRICAN… I know many African women who have STRONG FACE/EXOTIC FEATURES, but they are ALL WOMEN…

I think they tested her and if she used steroids, they would have used it to shame her. Making all those white women athletes look inferior? No way they would let that pass!

Well due to the fact that none of us really KNOW her personally we can’t defend her behalf: I don’t know why people act like they are best buddies with these celebrities it’s like worshiping false idols. Worship yourself and a god will appear 100 percent.

I would NEVER worship a man, but if I was a man, I would definitely look for a female like her… She is the total package… Brains A REAL BODY… She is very sexy… I HATE hearing our OWN men down the sistas that is conquering these cave beast paving the way for our DARK SKINNED QUEEN… SHE IS HEAVILY MELANATED  THE TRUE DEFINITION OF BEAUTY… No one speaks this way about these white built cave beasts or light-skinned women that work out a lot, but the shade is always being thrown at her…

It ain’t about worshiping. It’s about acknowledging when one of us does good. They let theirs shine. Why can’t we let ours shine too?

I would rather have EXOTIC features like my ANCESTORS, then to have features like the oppressor… Ijs… Serena is BLESSED… This female on this post is FAKE… Beyonce looks more Manish to me than Serena…

Only a yr old… Not old at all… Choosing a pic has NOTHING to do with why many praise the lighter-skinned females call the darker BEAUTIFUL MELANATED WOMEN MANISH/TRANNIES… THIS IS BEYOND YOU… THIS IS BEY… SHE IS A MIXED BREED, WHILE SERENA IS ALL AFRICAN, WITH AFRICAN, EXOTIC FEATURES… Serena is a ROLE-MODEL, while Bey is a sex symbol… I RESPECT SERENA I WOULD WANT MY DAUGHTERS TO LOOK UP TO HER…

Sorry but we all are mixed breeds I’m not sure why some of you don’t get that ..I’m a mixed breed my Grannie was a white woman and she loved my brown ass ain’t no shame in that for me and as far as role models go I taught all my daughters to be your own role model ..stop looking for other people to inspire you to be your own inspiration ..look within yourself to be inspired and as far as who looks like a man and who doesn’t… Serena does have features that may make one question her sex and so does Beyonce but both are doing their thing Beyonce is a woman who doesn’t hang out in clubs..doesn’t drink ..doesn’t do drugs as far as I can see ..never has been in the media as a woman who is out of control where men are concerned ..she .works..and she makes that money in her field of entertainment and she got married and had a baby if that isn’t role model status ..I don’t know what is…entertainment is entertainment.. even Micheal Jackson used sex to’s a business..a job…sex is what sales.. even Serena Williams uses her body to get the attention and all eyes on her to keep that fan base going and like I said she does have features of a tranny at times..I mean let’s be real ..she has a muscle body and so does Bey that’s why they have a sorta mannish view to their looks at times. *shrugs I’m not sure why folks want to keep pulling this Serena looks like the motherland..sorry but there are all different hues and features that are part of the motherland ..let’s get real.

She is a redbone, so now you want to defend her… Naw… Don’t worship her… She is merely a woman.

Clones have to get touched up every now and then they go back to the clone lab to get their features fixed to deceive the masses.

Light skin and white women never get bashed or accused of being manly the way darker women do. The media will try to convince us that Caitlin Jenner is more feminine than Serena!

Light skin women are accused of other things I mean we all have things we have to get past and say kiss my ass.

That’s why I get sick all the time I hear black women accused of being masculine.. but the flip side is masculine men are accused of looking feminine. I don’t anyone black celeb who hasn’t been called gay. I smell a terrible plot!

They got black sheep thinking this is normal. Hate against our own. Whitey doesn’t have to join in. Just set the motion and watch the self-hate spread virally!

A lot of you women are extremely warped in your outlooks. You gonna let this man send you on an errand to bring back the ropes that will be used to hang you. What if this woman was on her way horseback riding or to the gym?

Where does the idea come from that says a woman who dresses in a particular way is uncut?

Why is your idea about what is acceptable for women the same as a European or an Arab?

Woman as in the womb of man a lady that has knowledge of herself that is what a woman is to me but some would differ it depends on a man’s mentality most of you niggaz are dodo brains.

Wordplay a woman is not a womb of a man. That’s bullshit that comes from the Adam and Eve story that says that women come from men but in reality, we know from experience that a man comes out of the womb of a woman.

At the bottom level is respect if you don’t respect yourself nobody will. Fake body parts on any woman are disrespectful to herself first of all. Be proud of your natural self. Fathers raise their daughters or the streets will or dumb people will.

I’m just pointing out that it’s okay for a black woman to dress sexy sometimes and not be branded whorish. Mainstream media calls black women whores when they dress sexy but not Brittany Spears, not Angelina Jolie, and not Trump’s whorish wife. Our women have double standards.