Beautiful Black Women Thickness

Thickness is a natural genetic trait within some Melanated women. Plus size, overweight, big-boned, etc that's just unhealthy behavior that we have been made to accept as a standard due to lack of health education and plantation dieting conditioning which we still adhere...

Thickness is a natural genetic trait within some Melanated women. Plus size, overweight, big-boned, etc that's just unhealthy behavior that we have been made to accept as a standard due to lack of health education and plantation dieting conditioning which we still adhere just under the label as 'soul food'...
Are Black men obsessed with curvy and bigger women or Women with extra weight? Is this the reason why Some of the black women are comfortable Being plus size ?? Your thoughts

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With her proportions, she is actually healthier than some skinny women. Health is determined primarily by your waistline. A bigger waistline leads to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.

Thick women pictures.  She looks to have less than a 35-inch waistline which makes you healthy as a woman regardless of your weight. Weight on your hips and butt is actually healthy. I wish more people understood this.
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Black girls with curves. Bcoz some men like it and bcoz women like seeing other women who look alike.
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Measure your waistline if you're a woman makes sure it's 35 inches or less and if you're a man make sure it's 40 inches or less.

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Doctors and people study human anatomy and what triggers the disease. You could just use a waist trainer.  As long as she's born a black woman and no store-bought body parts. I'm good.

Maybe the European standard (remove may be) is only acceptable because our men have accepted it which is a greater topic of discussion.

I think it's impossible for us to be cookie-cutter women. We are all different shapes and sizes, and not everyone is attracted to the same thing. That's why some men are chubby chasers and some men aren't. Some women are attracted to beer belly's and some women are attracted to six-packs. Different strokes for different folks. Promote what you love.
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I don't think it's an obsession, more or less a concession... There are more plus-sized black women than not... Physically fit black women are outnumbered... This is EXACTLY how they like them in Alkebulan. We can't help it!! It's genetic! I think she looks gorgeous!

We're the only race of ppl that celebrate obesity like that shit is cute...If your overweight, u should be focused on trying to be healthier... period
Ain't no such thing as being"comfortable" with being unhealthy?

If you have a big ass and thighs with a small waistline then you're naturally thick and the only thing you can do is tone up.

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Most Black men, at least those in my circle, prefer women of a healthy yet curvy nature. She is attractive but too big for me...still many brothers like it and that's fine too.

OH, God, I'm in love. Fc what yall talking bout she fine as hell

We should not want our Queens to be plus because as they age they become very unhealthy and we don’t want that for them cause we treasure them.

There are a lot of beautiful big n healthy women that work out because that's what they have stayed fit is not skinny.  Whatever u prefer is your business... if we are speaking from.a health point of view...i think waist trainers...ass injections and breast implants might be a bit more unhealthy than being "obese"...but I guess its either fat or skinny men or women topics that entertain most....broads out here dying from ass injections and we worried about a sister who has a fluffy ass naturally.
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Obesity is an issue where it contributes to high cholesterol...high blood pressure...diabetes...etc... if those things aren't being focused it's not a health-related topic... it's a divisive one.

Plus size women are comfortable with themselves because they know true happiness starts with self love and confidence.  I think they're comfortable with themselves because there's a new phenomenon of men prefer them. The fetishes is REAL.

Unfortunately, the word "curvy" has been hijacked by women who are obese and misshapen.

African a lot of times are thick and curvy. Women stored water and fat in their bodies to help during the famine. Even in the old days of Europe being thick was beautiful, hence, those old renaissance paintings. Mona Lisa looked liked she ate one too many Twinkies. But plus-size European girls still had those wide flat asses. When the White man saw African women's curvy thickness it made his women look " pale" in comparison. So he switched up his beauty standards to favor someone with the body type looking like they're dying from the Black plaque.

I know plenty of skinny folks who aren’t healthy. The first thing y’all do is look at weight looks can be deceiving. Just because my hips and ass wide don’t mean I’m unhealthy. This is what’s wrong with America. The fact that my fat ass is healthier than my skinny friend who now has high cholesterol.

I love all of our Nubian Queens; short, tall, skinny, fat, dark, caramel, light. Damn, we're so fortunate that they've given us life, encouraged when there wasn't any hope, held our families down for generations, Big Mama keeping the family together. I thank the Creator for the Mother of the planet earth!

Our problem as a people is that we want others to live out our own standard version of living... This sista seems happy and confident about herself anyone who has an issue with that it's their own problem to deal with not hers.


If she's a comfortable BBW leave her alone. I see a lotta slim chick haters even try to gain weight.
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Some women are big and healthy and some women are big and unhealthy. If she's healthy either way small, med, large is OK. Breast implants, butt implants are unhealthy. I love what God gave me and God did not do a bad job. I will not complain.

Women have curves for a reason and thick women have nicer curves!!

It’s Geometry...Curves, Angles, Shapes, My D.....Oops Lost my Damn train of thought!!!!

I Just Love The Thickness!!!!!

How do you feel about your curves? Black curves come from the homelands. If you find a no-ass having a woman from a country full of black/brown skin she's hungry. Even Asian women are thick.

Facts like Brother Malcolm said 'Who taught u to hate yourself, your nose, your lips, your hair everything right down to your complexion?'

Black women have always been thick! But I think white women made it comfortable to be big and BBW! Black women have been big with shape forever! It's just now the bigness is not healthy big!

Just as the copious slew of standard-less men have their standard-less preference and opinions, I too have a preference and opinion, but some are based on an erect STANDARD of INTEGRITY, which is the reason why some do NOT find thick women the LEAST-bit attractive.

I'm not comfortable being plus size, it's only certain body types that are accepted when u plus size like her men will go crazy for her build.


She is beautiful. I have seen slim people drop dead. She doesn't have a big stomach, that's where it can cause serious health problems. If this is her natural body big ups to her. I love all my sisters.