Men Adore Beautiful Black Women

Since the beginning, men have always been intrigued by curves, thighs, and Black women's beauty. There is a reason that men love thick curvy sexy women. Come on, you know what I am talking about!

Most beautiful Black woman
Most beautiful Black woman
Beautiful Nubian queen D All
Beautiful Nubian queen D All
MsHoney majestic black beautiful woman magic
MsHoney majestic black beautiful woman magic
Super curvy Wonder Woman black woman cosplay
Super-curvy Wonder Woman black woman cosplay

Men adore beautiful Black women.

Since the beginning, men have always been intrigued by curves, thighs, and women’s assets.

It has long been thought of that only black men harbored imaginations wild enough and kinky enough to lust after women with meat on their bones and not merely the fantasy of a beautiful Black woman that keeps being presented to us as the standard of beauty that all women have to measure up to.
Nimah Wynee black beauty magnificent
There is a reason that men love Beautiful Black women. Come on, you know what I am talking about!
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I’m talking about Barbie. And not the ethnic Barbie dolls either. The blonde haired blue eyed Barbie doll that your kids used to play with. It's that doll that appeared unimaginably thin.
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When we play with dolls, Beautiful Black women inject themselves into those dolls.
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All the while we are playing with these toys, we become those toys, and inadvertently, those toys become us. It molds our self-perception.

A kid who spends 1-3 hours a day playing with their favorite toy, is going to want to have as much as common with that “character” as humanly possibly. It’s that type of relationship that intensifies the gameplay. It makes the gameplay more real so the kid gets way more out of playing.

Even if you were a few sizes bigger than the doll, you projected yourself as having a very similar shape and size.


Now you have a self-projection of yourself that you don’t live up to. It’s a standard of beauty you and so many women are forced to accept.

As beautiful as you are, you are less beautiful in your own eyes. The image you have set of beauty in your mind is further shaped through television, blockbuster movies, and tons of magazine ads.

Public media has shaped what many people find attractive and what being attractive means to society.

To be anything other than this “perfect” Barbie Doll image is unthinkable. To strive to be the smallest bit different is human sin.
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Beautiful Black women are often more beautiful than women who are not plus size.  

Beautiful Black women have fuller shapes, more dangerous curves, and are lusted after more by men of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

In tons of bad boy magazines and in every dirty cop movie you can find, there is always a busty woman dressed in a kinky outfit. She’s usually the sexiest and desired woman in the movie. The only problem is that she is not the prize trophy Barbie doll.

She usually gets played down to a slut or a trick. The less attractive “Barbie doll” is usually the prize the superhero rides off with into the sunset at the end of the film.

Now our perceptions about beautiful Black women have been modified. They are still less than the Barbie doll image. No matter how much more attractive they are.

It’s not that plus size women are less attractive. That’s not what the problem ever was. The problem is that skinny thin models have always been put on a pedestal and made to be thought of as sexier than their size counterparts.

Even though we know it’s not always true, this is the value of beauty today. The value of beauty is not always the reality of beauty. Don’t let the size fool ya.  

Men adore beautiful Black women with curves.