Why Black Women Truly Wear Weaves – Dealing With Deep Rooted Hate Issues

Being a Black man, it seems only normal that we love and appreciate the curves and formation of a Black woman’s body. But what about the thoughts and ideas we form in our heads, for instance, beauty standards?


Black women wearing weaves to appear more European and Black women wearing weaves to appear more European and I don’t care what hair and the more anxious for a module are on-air and online and 30 in the limo and I only get started and online education to my wonderful the kind lady, and I is on Latin America and is later and later played on – in an effort to hear whatever great day and a fortunate great show on rent and platinum mania and I also think for you by tomorrow upon the time that the boys and the lady that a radio show tonight when Epidemic of Black women wearing weaves and wigs to appear less Black is an epidemic.

Check out the age-old question is why when and where we find that question I’ve asked that question, but give different answers from different folks but ultimately if the general consensus that event or maybe they don’t like their own natural hair or they want to be more euro. We gave the unpleasant that question out today and I felt like I was getting changed although the image to – a lot of Black women with beautiful hair who still feel the need to appear more European will not have a lot of Black women with beautiful hair who still feel the need to appear more European on that and am feeling and most of them feeling because they felt like they are very

misunderstood me feel like the black women especially feel like they are under attack because of their hair treatment and they feel like because of the huge misunderstanding in wearing hair extension will be a way that it’s because they do not like them found which is a false narrative that most of them have had the fact that they believed about America and because of the false narrative a class and put them under the line of fire right on one start really quickly on the path and I quickly to everyone that we can get our first opinion about and then will carry on our conversation and have a high Universe what you think of you think that black women obsession with non-black hair because they want to appear more euro.

All I need a difficult problem would think that all black women by women as a whole have always been very stylish berry has so many ways of being diverse with hairstyles of one most equipment that also worry you don’t wheeze wagering and everything they still were a lot of natural hairstyles as well so it’s not like

taking their hair like your electoral look different and you don’t diverse and you don’t be diverse with  butcher styled hair a little and know what this commodity but everyone out there trying to be trying to look like a black woman so black women are the ultimate swag and Black women wearing weaves to appear more European always have more style had been stylish have been trendsetters forever on black women with low self-esteem for me to discriminate a quick point also from you that you don’t have anything any kind of love opinion

negative about it because I have hair all land at one point you know how was I was in the temperature might interpret Honorable Black men who protest Black women wearing weave and get week myself so I’ll will ultimately give you a that might lead you with Black women wearing weaves to appear more European all in bringing to a to know how was that felt the application was needed going to get myself a really just totally commit but also what I said aloud you and your inner ring game vulnerability always be overnight in our effort on the show politico as I met them at any need your opinion women obsession with weave to appear more Euro and something that you believe what you think red unlike in few questions but first I like to think something to all of you black female listeners out there black woman I went on understand that any of my views none of these views are meant to make you feel bad about yourself because I believe that black woman are the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet regardless even if you will call it, in fact, bald-headed African queens are beautiful.

Beautiful black woman Carissa Jones dark lovely divine black beauty

I would request Black women to wear their hair more natural.  You, not I disagree with the part about the nappy natural curly hair and that not being used to appear European… Because I think that right now I think that the main problem with it is we’re almost at a crisis point at this time is like if you go down I think that is slowly changing because in the natural hair movement is taken off right now so I like what I’m seeing is part that I wish would take off more and a lot more quickly but it’s you know if it meant is holding the phone right now but the fitness that was the problem of the Black women who wear weaves to look beautiful when they should already

feel a beautiful thing and I like this effect that goes away I think it’s time that especially we are in the age of empowerment we are in the age of being awake right now we are in a way of loving ourselves and accepting ourselves who we truly are as Black women with beautiful hair who still feel the need to appear more European

so it’s a very empowering time for black Black women with beautiful hair who still feel the need to appear more European right now Black women with beautiful hair who still feel the need to appear more European are more intelligent more alert more aware and more awake than we’ve ever been in history and a lot of of a lot of our beautiful black woman awake and not and if they await you know what I don’t need to get that straight leave I don’t need to get that blonde hair.

I’m starting to realize I’m beginning to understand that my own hair is beautiful I am valid as a person because not enough for these products that are kaput in my hair to alter it not for these weeds that are combined with the Whigs that were over my head to cover-up my true beauty but on valid for the beauty that I naturally put that and I think the best I think that the very powerful also well here thinking you already you, you think because I would share you want to add to Black women wearing weaves to appear more European having you on what

Will you like me to black women are beautiful we are trends that are well on a lot of weight, and surprisingly I never think I’m than agreement And animate them and Black natural hair in its natural nappy curly state with it, when it comes then we in the degree with one thing that you believe, everything you cannot table but when you say is where waking up and where more into thin more and telegenic than any other time it hits you have to deny a background animate why because I believe active and an individual of all right where they are also Black women with beautiful hair who still feel the need to appear more European who wore different things they enjoy their hair and the different way they use the winter and Black women wearing weaves to appear more European is either right now I’m a quick way over there here and the literally happily quitclaim on top of their hair until it becomes poor Black women with low self-esteem who feel the need to wear weaves.

This type situation that goes on the right felt that his hearing the inherent thing with that will only bring about Africa and is true that they do where you know that that they do where we’d is in Africa and extensions like you said you mentioned that particular style but we have to understand that they are wearing our own tradition aware in an old hair in these cultures they’re not going to the Black women who wear weaves to look beautiful when they should already feel beautiful shop and buying of wheat weeds from other Black women with beautiful hair who still feel the need to appear more European’s hair they use in their own culture and her own identity.

I think this parallel or it will only last about an and have to do it again a lot of them are wearing yarn they use being from animals as well which is really a joke that they could lie in and say that women are wearing or copying… But a lot of the new yarn in war and things like that but they intertwined with their here as well stop that mean that limited the point right believe that you should let you’re however I do not believe that today’s women in America where a natural hair and for adorn our hair with hair extension in and believe that they like that I don’t believe that any black man is wearing it as a needs to be calm more: “Eurocentric” and/or white believe a lot of time…

Poor Black women with low self-esteem who feel the need to wear weaves are where on hair extension idiot because he may want to change her style Poor Black women with low self-esteem who feel the need to wear weaves may want to look a lot different Poor Black women with low self-esteem who feel the need to wear weaves may not want to wear on you… Independent matrix for Black women wearing weaves to appear more European gang

or for a little bit enough for her for a week without a lot of time even in the women are actually wearing their hair a national style they use hair extension and were waiting and things like that and a way to the protective and use it as a protective style and I basically mean in protecting her national here and not to bring chemical poor Black women with low self-esteem who feel the need to wear weaves doesn’t feel like a different style Poor Black women with low self-esteem who feel the need to wear weaves can be uniquely hurt out by chief protecting her natural hair underneath way I’m not talking about women who do not take care of their natural hair and them let

their own hair while under interrogation believed that that different kind of breed of woman okay will you do not advocate the moon after technique you write that because you said that you know the woman actually if the woman who doesn’t take care of their hair better ones that actually use in the protective using leave as protective hairstyle because when a woman’s hair is healthy and when a woman is taking good supreme care of her hair.

Poor Black women with low self-esteem who feel the need to wear weaves don’t need to use weed as a protective way to stop hair.

It has nothing to do with replacing the black women they want their linage to have the superior qualities of the black genetics without actually being Black, once their children age and get married watch they will all marry and date white, their grandchildren will have just enough black in them to not be allergic to the sun, have a natural rhythm and creative along with sports and fitness superiority and inheriting innovative thinking characteristics they aren’t trying to just replace the black women they are trying to replace and become superior to the black race.

Hey did y’all know that white women been saying that black women are trying to copy them by wearing blonde and red weaves and straightened their hair to look like theirs? They stated they are naturally blonde they are natural redheads their hair is naturally straight why do black women try to imitate us we were wearing fake nails first we where wearing make up first we where wearing extensions that look like our straight hair first are they wearing this to try to get our men you can ask any black man if this ain’t what they tell us why do y’all think we try so hard to convince black women to wear their natural hair we don’t like hearing that b.s from them. But if there are any doubters I can post a video with them saying calling black women the super weave people calling them names.

They can NEVER! replace the black woman -They’ll die out first. FACTS! Who are black women trying to replace? Let’s focus on us. Not what white people do.

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Because in white society men put them at the bottom. But Black men put them at the top. People tend to go where they’re celebrated. It won’t go away until Black men put Black women at the top of their list and let go of all this colorism they hold inside. They mainly do it to attract Black men. They know their aesthetic as it is naturally won’t be enough.

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It always boils down to assimilation vs appropriation. When the dominant group in society discriminates against and degrades your looks, people will try to emulate the dominant group to get ahead. The dominant group emulating the oppressed group, after centuries of mocking their features makes little to no sense.

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