Are Beautiful Black Woman Being Programmed Against Black Men

I wonder if black women see the programming of the single mom agenda as black men do. We praise single motherhood which more often than not creates dysfunctional human beings and sentences their kids to a life of poverty and failed relationships.


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Think I’m wrong? most inmates are kids raised by a single mother, most abusive men if u check were raised by a single mother (usually abusive mothers who don’t see their actions as abuse), most rapists come from single-parent homes, most financially unstable men come from single-parent homes.

In society, in every movie and TV show they promote black women as strong independent single moms (even in captain marvel film they turned the black woman into a single mom yet in comics she was married), studies show these children aren’t doing well on a large scale. Do you think white people would praise you without an ulterior motive? Yes, we have some who succeed but we have way more who fail at life.

They care more about a single mom ego than the welfare of children.

In the 60-70, there were MORE 2 parent BLACK homes than WHITE!! We used to VALUE the “family unit” and fought to keep it together… NOW all these “empowered” women ADVOCATE doing it WITHOUT A “MAN” and teach other women to view “THE MEN” as being irrelevant…. Guess good ole Uncle Sam convinced B.W. that “HE” is “all the man u need”….. And y’all went for it!! FOOD STAMPS, LI HEAP, AND LOW-INCOME HOUSING GOT WOMEN FEELIN ALL “INDEPENDENT”… When in REALITY your anything but!

Ever notice they only call black women strong when referencing them as single moms and single women? I'm SURE IT MEANS NOTHING RIGHT? Just as almost every movie or TV show now depicts black women as a single or a single mom. Even a white and Latino guy on my job said “it’s a shame your women don’t see society tricks them into normalizing single motherhood and see you as the enemy”. Crazy how every other race can see the brainwashing of black women…. except for black women.

Because we talk about the men leaving as if some mothers don’t force them to leave by playing petty games or using the father’s love for the child as a weapon…I have 2 cousins who committed suicide over their child’s mothers forcing them to fight for rights that should be god-given..then used the system to get away with harassing and destroying their businesses and relationships.

Not every single mom is a victim, some choose to be just to spite the father. I fought for my son but there was a time I did consider killing myself that’s how bad it got and how I was treated. unlike other men, I dreamed of being a dad so to have my only son used against me as a weapon when I offered everything to him and his mom nearly destroyed me. So I see dads leaving differently than I did when I was young.

I’m seeing the point of his question now that I’ve read your comment. The stats have been studied over and over. There are so many counting factors to the single mom epidemic like underage pregnancies, govt. policies, stats show women are more likely to leave the man. Now when father's mothers are separated you have even more dynamics like distance, work, school schedules.


Not saying you did… but women do much finger-pointing rather than looking at the dynamics

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When a woman speaks of women getting raped should we say when she tells her story…” oh I see as I expected you’re talking about a very personal specific situation and using your issue to vent”? No, it’s happened to many others I know including my dad and uncles cousins friends co-workers I know, just because a person has an experience doesn’t mean that are focused on their experience alone. I’ve dated single moms who I broke up with because they were keeping the kid away from the dad simply because he didn’t see her as wife material….stop trying to take the low road and shame me from not speaking about experiences many men face.

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Funny u can say u can fight for joint custody as if we should have to fight for rights that are supposed to be god-given…you say it casually because it’s something you’ll never have to face.

Not to mention I have never seen a deadbeat dad own up to his part. He ALWAYS blames the woman. So you’re probably only hearing one-sidedness. This is still not what normally happens and the fact that you’re so sensitive and defensive about it and unable to have a composed thinking process about it shows exactly why social media is the last place you should be talking about this. You need professional help. Period.

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