Black Woman Getting Along With Black Men Just Fine

Black women are getting along with Black men just fine, contrary to the altered reality that seems to be emerging on the internet. Black couples are doing just fine and there aren't any significant polls of numbers in dating or marriage that prove otherwise.


Why Black Women Are Having Trouble Producing STRONG Black Men ?…… It Ain’t About Being A Single Mother!

We examine why SOUL Sistas produce a very low number of strong black men. Her 1st problem is she is a by-product of chattel slavery there was no need 2 have a strong man it wasn’t permitted by the people who OWNED them both. This same condition still exists 2day in a different form.

No REAL man would voluntarily wish 2 live with another male that has caused him so much harm his family live in oppression danger but the man of SOUL Sistas have never lived independent of racists, she has NEVER had a man so can’t produce one. Using religion even the male who oppress them as examples these men try but continue 2 fail as REAL men. In turn, what is sad due 2 this even going back 2 poor brain development they blame their mothers/women 4 not being men their continued incompetence failures, Wow! Another sign of their weakness attacking women instead of challenging this dominant male that continues 2 oppress them.

They don’t hate black women …. they hate themselves … most hate their fathers for not raising them … and a project that hates onto women.
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But, the BMT IS REAL! And many men have had to experience the BMT.

The BMT can turn a man into a woman-hater.

It does not hate it the accountability it’s pointing out the toxic behavior the way the system uses them against us for example abortion is the number 1 killer in the black community this is a problem. Black men are massively incarcerated massively shot down in the streets massively discriminated against for employment stopped and frisked the list goes on but when we bring this up the women deflect and ignore this they make it just about them.

Many are able to identify the significant role black women play in making a strong community. To deny the decapitation of men n their roles is at the heart of many issues plaguing us today. The deflection and minimization are mind-numbing.

They’re frustrated because they’re hurt. I think that majority of men should go, monk, this lifetime. We only need a few to populate this earth.

They get it from those who hated them first. Their mothers… stop talking like black men created themselves. Stop talking like black females are qualified to be mothers, when they don’t value GOD or being the Wife HE Command her to be before sex…. how can a man love when he was born from a womb that was not loving?

I guess a difference of opinion or the fact black women bash black men has no issue with you and black women haters huh……. If y’all was worth more and didn’t have a plethora of kids and made horrible life choices for everyone to see, maybe y’all wouldn’t feel that way……

The difference is Ladies, Women then y’all……. Most of the ladies in my family have worth married their kid’s father……. I don’t know what y’all are…..

Who are the “y’all” that you speak of? You said, “most” of the women in your family are married to their children’s father… what happened to the rest? I suppose they fall under your logic… Did your dad marry your mom? If not, your Mom falls under that same logic.

Yep, she’s slow…… My parents are still married….. And it’s the new age chicks like you with the plethora of kids……. Y’all don’t know how to be ladies, Nurturing or Caring and worth a good man….. Y’all are self-entitled and valueless to us good men……

My grandmother always said you can’t make sense out of nonsense, so if it doesn’t apply let it fly. That works on both ends- The topic as well as some of the comments…..We need so much love in the black community because their hate is the root cause till it breaks my heart reading these comments back and forth 

That is an accurate assessment. EVERY time some derogatory, misogynistic crap about black women comes across my feed, it’s from this group. I don’t even have to look and see where it’s coming from anymore. I already know!

You ain’t lying…a lot of suspect woman-haters…but 99 percent of those men are dusty Negroes from the sticks or some backwater irrelevant place..or they ex-race soldiers for the Amerikkkan military….coons for hire.

Not hate don’t get it twisted, it’s sheer frustration!! Black women need to change to make men adore them, they ain’t making it easy and in this current climate one bad apple is spoiling a bunch and gets worse when you see and media is fueling it.

I understand that, understand we’re frustrated as well. Black men and women have to do BETTER towards one another! All the energy we spend on tearing each other down should be redirected to healing each other… the disdain runs deep!

Black women are not the cause of the Black man’s frustration – He is frustrated because he does not know how to remove the white man’s yoke from around his neck.

Black men women are divided like crazy. Both need to listen to understand each other both need to work pay attention to the economy which is collapsing instead of arguing about dumb shit. Before we really are jacked up.

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