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Why men find black women beautiful attractive… she is the most beautiful to simplify things. I am talking positively about what if I were to talk negatively about black women? I would get so much hate but me talking positively it seems I get even more hate and I have as a means to jealousy over to create this journal because I want black women to know that black men love black women so another article, this time, increases why Black men find black women beautiful and attractive.

Reason number one, at least in the inner-city, black women always look nice. They always look neat. Hair is always mostly done and I live in the city. When you go to the city or even the country you will notice the true majestic beauty and nature of the beautiful and divine Black woman in all of her glory and be unable to deny this goddess her royal place as Eve, the fairest of all the universe and deep divine soul that matches her enchanting beauty and nature.

You go to Florida on Georgia or Alabama Texas or an inner-city student of within the states Texas Austin Houston don’t but no California state of California Utah Nevada Washington Indiana evangelist of the two cities in the stands and I have honestly never seen a black doesn’t look presentable. He said in these derogatory terms like Fuji Mama being used but I maybe it’s just because the Harris are visited up to consent to say that what take care of themselves really well so reason number two even though many black women wear makeup the rock that looks when they don’t wear makeup now you notice an authority mentioned this in another video button to Michigan this for you because it applies to makeup and one in our say that is sorry that Black women, in general, are goddesses.

I don’t need make or well not so much this is especially applicable to what you know how people are attending the sun to make their skin better and to have these you know: inefficiencies in their skin or him spots or two people whatever you call the Catholic click pushing to the background what happens when people tan is that

they’re there larger features find either don’t for example men who can day the chest you know and the shadows of their brought more to the forefront on the skin to skin itself skin problems are pushed back because they are part of the larger hole to speak whereas muscles and for women financing the women can have most for women value their products or hipster size the drastically and efficient features brought more to the forefront by a tan skin which black women have naturally so….

Santa Barbara doesn’t really need a government that it’s it’s it’s really sounds contradicting because when you look at how features are brought up in a human body through a darker skin of the actual inefficiencies for clinical skin problems are actually masked or blend you blended into the background that’s perfect description for the public women happens naturally now Black guys might not consciously think about this.

It’s been something that done that were drawn to him he would have to be a different front of the black women and then this is part of all of them that attraction not to skin problems by weight are necessarily a bad thing I made a video on my

other children about packing and only could contractors you. Watch it but for those of us want men which does not include me because I’m pretty flexible but who do not like skin problems is one more reason why they are trying to 21 reason number three black women’s Afro-American be challenging to style especially in a beauty paradigm where these hairstyles are not always accepted Make videos about this problem recently up to live the

video to get to or not always accepted yet they still create beautiful hairstyles that make both their good good-looking and their resolve to be presentable and that’s something that that that I think is really commendable because you people so when you talk a lot about this one about the month while just look at Black women’s hair you know it’s well-known that the many black women struggle to fit industry paradigm and to do things

with their share that there wasn’t naturally designed to give other black women who don’t have the same hairstyle as for the test so I asked somebody for the correct term that I called the result of the girls and more straight here is depends on where your furniture from Jamaica Jan but I do reduce comes Salesian gentleman

from Jamaica is possible to have more straight here so if you have hairstyles that are difficult and it’s difficult to definitively. But you being beautiful in your own right and using styles that don’t get the African kind of look maybe… Some people that I personally I love it I know that some Americans don’t want to be associated with

Africans my gosh another silly statement as someone like pretty feels itself and it often does it amazes me by point of view I know of the Black guys from beautiful there’s a God living downstream) looking at and I talked and he said not alone that natural African, so even though they are presentable there’s old will also something to be said for the fact that they go through all this effort to be presentable defect that that that their resolve to look beautiful attractive presentable and actually basically fit into not only fitting to the currently viewed paradigm but actually updated actually so you know what these styles they belong in your beauty paradigm and

beauty paradigm changes as a result that is commendable and that makes black women beautiful for me on a nonphysical level so that was reason number three reason number four the way a black woman uses hair extensions lands in so nicely with their natural hair I often feel as if I’m the midst a magic show and it’s true I mean from that moment that I saw a black with one later I find out for hair extensions of Man is it’s it it it looks so natural enemy look if you didn’t go to if you go to a carnival and you see these comments with the world that

you can notice is fake and not just because the color is that businesses there’s there’s there’s there’s you say discrepancy between between how interfaces and how that that hair is just sort of position on top of with a black woman it is always natural I’ve never seen a black one where it doesn’t look natural for me and you wonder what else really not think of it what it really strikes me is that many black women they think they really look at their dear natural hair because I mean even though a lot of black women have curled the way that it fits on their head

is unique for everyone, of course, are similarities but even so they look at their hair and they find the hair extensions the weaves and what have you that best fit their hair and of course there’s a lot to say about these young women; hairstyles that no the products they sell.

make it a great match for Blackman but I think you know of one can look like that and you know basically asked the part that is not all of herself to herself and makes it look natural this email and I mean I admire the thing is like likely part of dentistry.

I used to have defected to see here zero comments it’s all fake about they are shaved off my original teeth that’s how my dentist makes my elegant Black women I get that same sense of natural flow between the unnatural and a natural thing that hairstylists are to commend for them but that’s another reason why Black men love when one is a Black man the specific US has all this is just you saying it at look at I’m not antisocial I talk to other doctors a lot of black women here I talk to people online when I see Black men are slim not saying all Black men but a lot of so were we halfway repressed when reason number five even though like women are often grouped as one

color to black women their different shades of brown and black make them very diverse media that it’s really like we’re just what you know I’m Black and why I guess in Scandinavia you people are very Black but usually the largest Black room what one can in the sun or tanning under tanning beds rather the only get different shades but naturally were want as that’s another reason why Black guys are attracted to light when because there’s so many of you so many for writing so many different shades of black or brown reviews.

page nuances at based on good but these nuances sucking between so am makes them very diverse you have brown light brown black dark black and the die for our city really cool” colors the outside world that’s actually may sound cliché but I live in Rotterdam in Holland and his Metropolis there are so many different cultures and

ethnicities here so I see I see no groups you have their religions but you also have different kind of like people like very black and dark brown light brown mixed-race Indian black Wii: half-bloods and I love reason number six even though black women are put down a lot in society and forced to adhere to beauty standards black women’s skin is just asked for social as Black women’s skin because dark clothing blends in beautifully like bright colors blend in with Black women and bright colors create a beautiful contrast with black women like dark colors contrast with Black women that said black women have one advantage in that many of them are very shapely curvaceous and bright colors such as pink beautifully accentuate those curves when I am in the inner-city and

CONCORDANT is that the this happened last figure to you whenever I talk about these topics he starts to If you look at the paint colors they accentuate dispersants especially because no pink on black is like I practiced really yet I probably shouldn’t include this for you but it really brings out the best in me reason number seven even though there are black women who much to my disbelief at first light in their skin and secondly this one when I first heard it and was from a woman with bleaching cream skin bleaching cream many of them embrace the beauty of their dark skin defining the beautiful curvaceous features that both Black women

and men accentuated by tanning areas again by tanning in the sun or under tanning beds darkness creates a natural shade that brings out a woman’s feminine features her hips thighs buttocks just etc. all ours stood out or that they’ll stand out because of the natural and that brings me to the last reason why Black guys find Black women beautiful and attractive and black woman is like a beautiful contrast in a world filled with light-skinned people she literally asked color diversity/for writing and uniqueness to an otherwise plain some verbal or city landscape

she is like the cane sugar to vanilla crazy on potatoes and chocolate on ice cream not everyone can appreciate those metaphors but please remember that are just that metaphors I hope that you got some insight from this where you and I are more free-flowing where I get into this, like this flow is actually called the flow state and these things are, naturally but when I make videos like this I want to specifically highlight these key points that for me have always been things that I distinguish black women by things that I find beautiful and attractive.

That’s why write them down for making it feels like this but please never think to yourself that Black guys are not attracted to beautiful black women because we are very much and now you know one or thank you for watching and I look forward to seeing you, a beautiful Black woman.

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